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Torsh is Toronto’s latest family ­owned and operated catering kitchen with a deep­ rooted passion for Persian cuisine. Ever innovative, we offer a unique blend of delicious traditional dishes coupled with a contemporary flare. Whether a menu prepared for parties, corporate or private events, or simply take­out; Torsh is proud to offer you dishes of the utmost quality accented by the finest herbs, spices and premium saffron. All of our dishes are prepared in house by an enthusiastic and dedicated staff who share in our spirit of creative and evolving entrepreneurship. Our packaging is simple yet elegant and eco­friendly, remaining mindful of the environment. From our family to you­ Torsh is committed to delivering a truly savoury and memorable experience.




Torsh means "sour" in Farsi. We have taken this signature Persian flavor and have combined it with the latest exotic and bold flavors to provide our clients with a surprisingly new food experience that will continually delight their senses.



At Torsh, we offer a selection of services that bestow upon the needs of our valued clientele. We have the experience & adaptability to handle stressful & time sensitive situations while maintaining a seamless service delivery. Most of all, we focus on the finest details of event co-ordination and execution to deliver an unparalleled client care experience.



Our attention to detail stems from our passion for the smell of fresh seasonal ingredients and the beautiful colours they bring.  Our love for food and for the beauty it holds, has been the inspiration behind our innovative menu. We believe by combining these quality ingredients, an inspiration for innovation and a dedicated caring team of individuals, we have every reason to continue pushing the culinary culture.


"if you are what you eat, then why not eat the best?
(cause you are the best)"